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  • I live in Yugopotamia
  • My occupation is wandmaking
  • I am an earthbender
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  • Hello!  This photo is actually of Derek and London Fuller that was taken during the shooting of the original pilot.  Could you please add it to London & Sedona's page?  I have other photos I could add but I don't know how to edit on wiki. :/  Thanks!

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  • Hi I was wondering if i can be an Admin I have been on so many wikis and gathered many things from there and i think i have everything i need to be an Admins I will be active and im on at least Once a Day so thanks :)

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  • Hello! Can I become an admin? I promise once you make me one I will add features and clean up stubs and make more articles...If you dont want to make me an admin im totally fine with it...thanks :)

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  • Will you please stop! I get it you're mad about what happened with the whole copying thing, but you really need to let it go. Stop coming on my wiki and starting stuff. Because that may not be how it looks to you, but that's how it looks to me. Now I don't come on your wiki and start stuff. So don't do that on mine. Please stop. No one on our wiki has been bothering you as I know of. What's the problem, now?

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    • If you bothered to read the message, it said "this page uses material" from my wiki. I wrote the sentence on my wiki, it was copied on two pages at your wiki, so they both use my material. Checking the history of Riley's page, you're the one who added the sentence to her page.

      Also, you've been nothing but rude and immature during this whole process. You act as if I'm attacking your wiki, which isn't what I'm doing. It's not like I'm telling people not to go over there. That is something that would create drama, not one small comment people probably don't even read.

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    • Okay, whatever you say. That's all. There's nothing left to be said. Have a good day.

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  • Can I Help You With Baby Daddy Im Really Good At It . I Wont Change Anything That You Did .

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